Here the search is for manpower that is job specific and ridden by deadline attitudes. All careers offered are at Niha Communications Pvt Ltd, India and USA. The advantage here is dual.

In addition to getting an opportunity to join the premier web solutions provider Niha Communications every applicant’s resume is sent to all potential employers in USA, India and other countries. So Niha Communications offers career opportunities that are not confined to any geographical limitations, and all applicants should be ready to go global.

Manager: MBA from a premiere institute with Marketing as specialization. Should have 4 - 5 years of experience in the field of Marketing and IT.

Executive: MBA from a premiere institution with 1-2 years of experience in the field of Marketing. But Graduates with experience would also be considered.

Content Writer: Graduates with proficiency in English with 1-2 Yrs experience in the relevant area. Adequate knowledge of Internet would be an added advantage.

Web Designer: Post Graduates and Graduates with 1 - 2 years experience in the field of Web Designing need only apply.

Web Masters: Post Graduate in Computers having 2 - 3 years of real time experience.

Web Programmers: Post Graduates / Graduates in Computer Science having 1 - 2years experience of programming in Java / ASP / ASP.Net.

All resumes should be sent to: